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tv   Nightline  ABC  December 30, 2014 12:37am-1:08am EST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, the search expands for the missing air asia jet with 162 souls on board, now believed to be at the bottom of the sea. how could another plane disappear into thin air? the clues officials are using to guide their desperate hunt. plus nearly a dozen number one hits -- >> that's what i'm talking about. >> this year has been a roller coaster ride for country music's golden boy. >> what's up "nightline"? >> tonight luke bryan sings his way across america. >> let me see it. >> he shows us how to shake it. and can you party your way into the new year without ending up like these guys? >> you okay buddy? >> no, i'm in so much pain right now. >> some say this miracle cure means the end of a hangover. >> we're all good. >> if you're willing to pay for it. >> thank you so much.
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asia plane with 162 souls on board that went down over the weekend. the passenger jet lost contact with air traffic control just 40 minutes into the flight from indonesia to singapore. now, officials are scouring the ocean floor, where our chief foreign correspondent terry moran is on the ground in singapore, where families are demanding answers. >> reporter: it's day three in the desperate search for air asia flight 8501 day three of the deepening mystery surrounding a plane that seemingly vanished carrying 162 people on board, including 16 children. now, the search is ramping up expanding in the waters of the java sea growing to 13 search areas. seven countries all joining in now to locate the missing jet liner. the families of those on that fateful flight grieving desperate, all gathering in airports in indonesia and in singapore. here in singapore's airport, term that twonathat nallterminal two
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here is where the vigil is taking place. no news yet. but a prediction from the head of indonesia's national search and rescue agency. they currently suspect the plane is located on the ocean floor. >> a deep sense of depression here, but we'll stay strong and we our first priority is to look after the families and do whatever we can. >> reporter: search teams have less than 30 days now to find the black boxes, filled with data on what happened to that plane. they signal their location but only until their batteries die out. >> probably not going to take more than six to eight days to get all the ships in there that are going to be needed to listen for it. if it is down there and pinging, they should be able to find it. >> reporter: but so far, coral mistaken for oil slicks has only led to false hope. >> we actually divided ourselves into two ships.
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>> reporter: it is a massive effort. malaysia, australia and singapore all joining indonesia in his search. the u.s. is sending the uss sampson. and south korea and china are expected to join in tomorrow. there's at least 18 ships, and 29 aircraft. two sets of underwater locator beacon used to scour the seabed. while so much of what happened to this plane is shrouded in mystery, here's what we do know. on sunday morning, the jet takes off. as it soars at 32,000 feet the plane encounters severe weather over the java sea. the pilot radios in, requesting to change its altitude to 38,000 feet. air traffic control tells him not to but he appears to climb anyway. >> the captain is like a captain of the ship. he is directly responsible for the safety of that aircraft and the passengers on board. so, if he needs to move that airplane and put that airplane
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somewhere, he is not going to ask permission. he is going to do it. >> reporter: then, air traffic control suddenly loses communications and by 6:18 the plane was no longer visible on the radar. vanished into thin air, 162 people mostly indonesian, all gone. air asia which is based out of malaysia, has had a good safety record and the pilot was experienced. >> i think in 13 years, we carried 220 million people. until today, we have never lost a life. >> reporter: of course, the harrowing question remains. how could something like this happen. >> a bomb could go off, you could fly into a thunderstorm. and until we find something of the airplane and know where to look for the black boxes, it's just a puzzle. >> reporter: many are calling for real-time gps monitoring and the international regulatory commission is studying the idea. but monitoring a plane miles in the air is much more difficult than tracking a cell phone. >> we need to look for other ways to do it. one of those ways would be
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through satellites. we would always have a good idea, in relative terms, where an aircraft might be anywhere in the world. >> reporter: all of this is eerily similar to another missing plane that crashed just this year malaysia flight 370, which went down in march. but there are marked differences between the cases of flight 370 and this one. >> both have disappeared, but they disappeared in very different places very different circumstances. we're only two dales into this mishap. >> reporter: malaysian airlines was widely criticized. this time, asia airlines' ceo has been live tweeting and they released the manifesto hours after the plane crashed. experts hope this search will be easier because think time they are looking in the relatively small java sea. >> it's a shallow sea. it's not like out in the indian ocean, it's so deep that it goes to the limits of our ability to
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search the ocean bottom. the java sea is only 150 feet deep. >> reporter: foul play was initially expected in malaysia flight. something more sinister can't be ruled out. >> highly unlikely. but it's possible. we don't have the airplane yet. we have to look at other things. >> reporter: but for now the world and these families wait for news that may not come any time soon. they scan the man any fest looking for familiar names. some are stoic. >> but it's life. we don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: for others, it's too much. the dreams of so many in limbo now. louise waits here for word of her fiance and five members of his family. they were going on vacation. >> it was supposed to be their last vacation before us got married. which was to be his last vacation with his family. >> reporter: but there are the miracles, too. the lucky ones. 23 people did not get on that
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plane who were scheduled to. >> we were supposed to be on that flight on the 28th. it's eerie. >> reporter: this family can't believe it. ten of them -- ten -- were supposed to fly here to singapore for new year's eve, but they all arrived late at the airport. here they are, holding their intin rares, and they missed the flight. my mother can't stop crying one texted us, adding this is a special christmas gift from god that we missed the flight. and on facebook prayers of gratitude from chandra. he was supposed to fly with his wife and three kids, but canceled when his father fell ill. "thank you jesus," he posted in indonesia. "your plan is so beautiful. our family avoided awful changer." for those who give thanks and for those who wait here these long hours are really about life. about how precious it is. every moment. and how fragile. >> our thanks to terry moran in
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2014 has been a huge year for luke bryan. but don't think the country boy has forgotten his roots. there's more than meets this eye to this sweet-talking singer. tonight, he's taking us on an unofficial tour of his favorite things while getting ready for an unusual performance. our gloria riveriera is crashing the party, for our series "on the town."
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>> that's what i'm talking about. ♪ i got that real good ♪ ♪ feel good stuff ♪ >> reporter: from the tip of his boots to the back of his truck. ♪ backed up truck ♪ >> reporter: luke bryan is shaking his booty to the top of the country charts with songs like "that's my kind of night." let me see it. >> wait now. you got -- oh, oh. >> reporter: nashville's reigning golden boy, he is having one hell of a good time. ♪ that's my kind of night ♪ >> reporter: and tonight is definitely his kind of night. >> what's up "nightline," it's luke here. and welcome to the "that's my kind of night" tour. >> reporter: luke has 11 number one hits. >> picture? >> reporter: his latest album "crash my party" has catapulted him into an elite club. country music stars able to sell out stadiums. >> here we are, soldier field. >> reporter: we have an all-access pass. crashing his tour in chicago. >> more of a blues town, isn't it? >> not tonight.
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>> reporter: and getting a ride in his bronco down on the farm. >> this is my bronco. >> reporter: that's how i roll. luke bryan drives me around. >> you know. thank y'all for everything you're doing. >> reporter: his team is turning this cow field near gainesville, florida, into a one-night concert venue. already lining up. look at this. >> lined up on a two-lane. sounds like a country song. >> reporter: growing up in a small town it was tough for luke to see a show. now, along with big city stops, he's taking his tour to the farm. >> out here more than ever people come up to us and it's like, this is our first concert. we're five minutes away from your back porch. >> reporter: i think somebody's back porch looks at the stage. they're setting up out there. >> they're probably frying up some chicken and making some sweet tea. are you nervous? >> a little nervous. >> that's good. >> reporter: can you tell i'm a little nervous. he tells you he often unwinds on tour bow hunting and offers to give me a lesson.
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ladies, it's a tough job. >> ready? >> reporter: i'm ready. i'm ready. >> nice! i feel like i'm, you know relating to people in a big city, but also relating to people in the country. i can have fans in brooklyn and hollywood and i can have fans right here in a cow pasture in gainesville, florida. >> reporter: has there been a moment where you thought, wow, this is happening, and it's happening now. >> gosh, i mean ten times a day. i'm walking in downtown new york city and see my face on top of a new york city cab. >> reporter: you take a selfie? >> i did. >> luke bryan! >> reporter: just last month, luke took home the cma entertainer of the year award. ♪ we've been listening to the radio all night long ♪ >> thank you thank you god above. thank you so much. woo! >> reporter: hard to believe that once luke nearly gave up on chasing his nashville dream. i love reading about your dad saying, you don't go i'm going
12:55 am
to fire you. >> right. >> reporter: there are any moment us really pinpoint as a time that you thought, maybe should head back? >> well, like i knew that i'd never tuck my tail and run. you know, the toughest thing was loading up the car and moving. >> reporter: we saw two sides to luke. he's a family man. a puppy dog around his wife and their two little boys. >> we manage it well. i'll fly out for a show fly home and bring the kids out for a couple shows and head home. so, it's -- we make it work. ♪ holding a beer in my hand ♪ >> reporter: but he is also the fraternity rush chair of country music. singing about chasing girls and partying hard. his first hit in 2007 "all my friends say" became a frat boy anthem. ♪ all my friends say ♪ >> reporter: it's a title that makes luke bristle, like that four-letter word in his industry, bro-country. >> the bro-country thing, it really aggravates me. >> reporter: it implies songs that are as shallow as a beer
12:56 am
glass. >> reporter: i've hit a nerve. >> i think it's a derogatory term. don't judge me on one song you know, judge me on a bolddy, on a career. >> reporter: if that's the biggest controversy in luke bryan's life he may just be able to stay here. in that sweet spot where fame is fun, even manageable. if he can stay grounded. >> i do a couple songs and it's a good warmup i mean good thing for the fans. little intimate. >> reporter: on the cusp of mainstream pop star status one question for luke will be how strong he stays to his country roots. ♪ you can crash my party any time ♪ >> reporter: for the high he's on now there have been devastating lows. >> i know you guys you lost somebody you used to drink a beer with. i want you to think of them and
12:57 am
have a sip of your beer. >> reporter: last month, luke lost his brother-in-law. but it was the tragic death some years ago of his beloved brother in a car crash closely followed by the unexpected death of his sister, his only two siblings, that shook luke to the core. >> losing my brother and my sister -- yeah that -- that took such a negative emotional toll on me and my family and my friends and when good things happen to me through music, it helps my whole family. we can kind of go well you know, good things do happen and any time i'm in a full arena, i mean, i just can't help but think that you know god, i know my brother and sister would be coming to a lot of these s. ♪ drink a beer ♪ >> reporter: one thing he says that success has taught him is that true joy is possible after
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tragedy. but that doesn't mean he'll be doing this forever, or so he says. >> ten years from now will i be on stage dancing and -- no i won't be. >> reporter: be careful. remember what mick jagger said he wouldn't be doing it at 60. luke bryan, you may be out there -- >> well, i -- i would certainly say it will be much more tame. >> reporter: ready? feel good? finally, luke takes us straight to the stage. okay, one more booty shake for "nightline." >> booty shake? there it is. >> reporter: finally, he really did it! >> all right. anything in my teeth? >> reporter: you're good. just like that we say good-bye to this peanut farmer turned uber-star. and 17,000 fans scream hello. ♪ tkiss tomorrow good-bye ♪ >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm gloria riviera in gainesville, florida. next the new hangover helper that could make this new year's a little less painful, if you've got a few hundred dollars
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lying around. curling up in bed with a favorite book is nice. but i think women would rather curl up with their favorite man. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. and remember, you only take it when you need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra.
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for some with the money to spare, you can't put a price on sweet rel partying too hard. but can you really pay your way out of a hangover? with new year's eve just around the corner we set out to deconstruct this supposed miracle cure. new year's eve. the parties. that champagne. but the morning after can mean an ugly hangover, much like the movie. >> i don't think i've ever been this hungover. >> i blacked out. it was like emptiness.
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>> reporter: but this new year the hottest accessory to have on your arm may be an iv drip. now there are actually medical services like iv docs. >> hi! >> reporter: who promise an instant hangover cure. >> i was at a couple holiday parties last night. so, it's no wonder why i'm sitting here with an iv fluid bag. >> reporter: clients can make appointments online, talk treatment with a physician and within two hours, a nurse will bring an iv bag to their doorstep. >> i love that i can just call and make an appointment and say, come to my office or if i'm getting my hair dyed or cut, come to the hair is a loan. >> reporter: iv docs say they're carefully conducted ivs will put the pep back in your step. >> when you have a sip of water, only about 40% to 60% of that water is actually absorbed into your system. so, when we do this we give the iv, it is going right into your system. >> reporter: but it will cost you. from $165 up to $300 for a 20 to
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45-minute session. for devin, the hefty price tag is well worth it. >> really the instant gratification of someone coming to your home and not going to a hospital or a doctor's office. >> reporter: though it may seem like a quick fick some doctors aren't buying it. >> the cost for a bag of salt water is about $4. typically it's marked up a several hundred dollars, $200 or more. couple with this there are additives, some of these therapies they are toufting have no proven medical benefit. >> reporter: but those who swear by the morning after ivs -- >> i feel amazing! >> reporter: it's going to be a very happy and hydrated new year. we wish everyone a happy and safe new year. thank you for watching abc news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. and, as as we're online at good night, america.
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hey. what'd you do that for? because you're my husband and that is the flattest thing i have ever seen. hmm. yeah. are you still mad because we missed a couple of previews? yeah, and we had no time for popcorn, i had to sit in the middle i got up to the bathroom everybody's like "this guy again?" yeah, okay great night.
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y, i'm very sorry that there w were other people the theater. every single t time we go out, you make me wait. what? that's not true. every single time. you know how i hate being late. it makes me very anxious. i get all uhh-egh inside. ray, if i'm late maybe it's because the government requires that one of us tends to the children. don't give me that. the childrenre nowhere near you when you're up here... you are one ugly woman.


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